The Carr Legacy

Follow the adventures of Rose, the founder of the Carr Legacy!


The story of Rose is a 80% Game-driven SimLit, I am just a careful watcher trying to make sense of her whims and autonomous actions.


*Succession Laws

Equality – Both boys and girls are eligible for the title of heir.
Exemplar – (Trait: Cheerful) Any eligible heir that has this trait will gain the title of heir. If a single generation has no children with this trait or more than one exemplar, there will be a vote to determine the next generation heir.


This legacy is a collaborative legacy that other simmers also participate in: For more information visit this discussion on the Sims Forum.


Generation 1: Rose Carr

1.1 The Move

1.2 The Mingle

1.3 The Independent Woman

1.4 The Friend in Need

1.5 The Friend Indeed

1.6 The Very Important Birthday

1.7 The Truth

1.8 The Family

1.9 The Life of Daisy

1.10 The Life of Sage



Carr Legacy Family Tree

Family Tree_4